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"I've been 'working' on myself for decades, perhaps lifetimes. I've come from a long and treacherous journey. When I was ripe, ready to be picked off the tree of my last chapter, no one witnessed me, held me, or heard me like Aurora. I knew instantly that she was different from other mentors.  Aurora, was the one who saw me in my wholeness, who penetrated my spirit and gave me a hand up to see me into my Sovereignty.


Aurora knows when to nudge and when to pause, as this is a special gift. Her relationship with herself and our Great Mystery is to be admired, treasured and learned from. Aurora has treated me with a Goddess' immense love, and a Divine Mother's patience and presence.


I feel different after being mentored by Aurora. I 'wobble' less and trust more! She leaves room for ecstatic growth and deep, deep, deep understanding of myself and towards others ... It is because of these experiences with her, that I am one of Aurora's FOREVER students."

-Luana Joya Lucia


Week One:





New Moon

Ritual & Audio

To Ignite Your Intuition And


Receive Your Intention SEED To Guide Your Forward 


-Wendy Phillis



Aurora Anurca Farber is a Spiritual Mentor, Alchemical Priestess and a Love Catalyst who helps Awakening Feminine Leaders ignite their "Feminine Fire"---the 3 heart-flames of POWER, LOVE, and WISDOM---so that they can bury away limiting beliefs, align with their feminine moon rhythm and intuitive wisdom, and become catlaysts of mythic power, purpose and prosperity in the world.