Discover the 4 steps to co-create a Mythic Life with Archetypal Allies & Cosmic Support without hustle, overwhelm and burn-out. (This application takes 2 minutes and you're not obligated to enroll).

Align With The Divine

Co-create Your Mythic Life with the Support of 

Archetypes and Cosmic Cycles

A Free, Exclusive Private Training


Accepted Applicants of 

The Cosmic Creatrix Journey

You know you have a Divine Mission...

It's time to stop hiding your gifts and co-create a life that is Mythic!

Do you believe you can fulfill your Divine Purpose and still create your heart's desires?

  • Quality time with your loved ones?
  • Organization and spaciousness in your environment and your mind?
  • Fun, freedom and flexibility?
  • Healthy, nourishing relationships with others?  With yourself?
  • A healthy body that’s honored even while you live your purpose and serve?
  • A bucket-list creation…like a book, a painting, a home, a family, an exotic adventure
  • A life that brings you nourishment, balance, pleasure even as you lead and create your “legacy of love?

What if you truly believed that....

The Universe Conspires to Assist your Desires?

What if...

a spiraling, feminine path

 could help you not only navigate the unknown,

but guide you into becoming more of who you truly are?



What if...

you believed that  the universe was cheering you on

in your evolution and soul growth?



What if...

you trusted that even the hard times were here

to guide you into the fullness of your mythic self?



What if...

you knew that you held deep wisdom

and that the answers you are seeking are already inside you?



What if...

you trusted your intuition to guide you?  


The Cosmic Creatrix Journey

In this 6-month Alchemical Group Journey

You will Awaken your Archetypes, Align with the Divine,

And Co-create your Heart's Desires as you...


Catalyze the Cosmic Creatrix Within

You may already know that you are a healer,

a medicine woman, a priestess,

a change maker and way-shower...


Or you may just hear the whisper of your Soul Voice...


Or sense the pulse of your purpose that keeps you

restless and longing to stand in your full power. 


Wherever you are on the journey of your purpose,
one thing I know for sure is that...

You are powerful. 


And the Secret to Answering the Call of your Soul Mission is to

Align with the Divine and Embody the Truth that you are 


 A Cosmic Creatrix 


"Aurora, you have done so much for me~words can barely express it all. The way that you receive people in their truth in each moment is so healing and such a gift.  


Thank you for holding such a powerful, loving, supportive container for me to shed my skin, express my truth and plant my seeds! I might keep calling you AuROAR(us) because even though there really is only one of us here, you brought out the ROAR in all of us!"



Katana Crow

Oracle & Mystic Priestess




You're not alone with this struggle...

After thousands of years,

women everywhere are waking up

 their power as Creatrixes.


Yet, with so few models of this

 SACRED feminine power,

women face two fears that keep them SCARED...


The fear of "not being enough"


The fear of "being too much". 


If you've felt this way too, know that

there is a light in you that will never be dimmed.

No. Matter. What.


The Key to steping into your Mythic Power and Purpose is to know that

your power is sourced from within.


You are a divine, mythic light.

A divine human with a SACRED purpose,

And you are supported by the Cosmos...


You are Cosmic Creatrix

"Highly, highly, highly recommend connecting with Aurora if you are looking for sacred wisdom to shift or work through patterns that are keeping you stuck or if you’re wanting to work with feminine archetypes and Goddess energy to propel you forward!"


Thank you for igniting my Feminine Fire, Aurora. This journey wouldn't be the same without your loving wisdom and bright, sparkly light."

Tamika Auwai

During The Cosmic Creatrix Journey, you will....


Create Sacred Space in your Life To Discover Your Mythic Purpose & Mission

You are spirit in human form and have incarnated her for a divine purpose.  Learn to create space in your life to RECEIVE your inner wisdom, cosmic guidance and divine support as you discover your mythic purpose and mission.  

Connect To The Cosmos, Your Intuition, & Divine Feminine Wisdom

Feel the support around you and learn how to commune and manifest with the Universe through your intuition and synchronicity, and ignite your fire this Beltane! Discover the power of Divine Feminine Archetypes, lunar living, intuition, and  transformational alchemy as you reclaim your creative fire.  

Experience The Healing Power

of Sisterhood

& Ceremony

 Co-create a new vision for the world as you join with other sisters and explore your SACRED Living & Leadership gifts and dreams.  Learn about the power of synarchy, sovereignty and leading from within.  Rewrite and rewire your beliefs as you let go of the idea that you "have to do it all alone" as we co-create to-get-Her! 

Embody the Cosmic Creatrix & Co-create your Passion Project

During your 6 Month journey, you'll awaken the 4 Lunar Archetypes, reset, recharge, renew and reflect each moon cycle and come into rhythm with the cosmos, your intuition as you co-create each step of your self identified Passion Project.

"Aurora is a rare gem."



Are you Ready to Become a Cosmic Creatrix?

Your life before becoming a Cosmic Creatrix…


  • You feel lost and anxious because you don’t know what the future holds.
  • You’re tired of struggling only to take 2 steps forward and 3 steps back.
  • You feel overwhelmed and unsupported.
  • You wish you could just have some time to  rest.
  • You feel lonely and disconnected even though there are people around.
  • You’re not sure why you are here and what your true purpose is.
  • You feel antsy because you want to make a difference but don’t know how.
  • You feel confused by all the news and noise in the world.
  • You feel a fire inside that longs to ROAR, but you’re secretly afraid of your power.
  • You overcompensate because inside you feel like your not worthy.  

Your life as a Cosmic Creatrix…

  • You know why you are here and claim your purpose.

  • You know you are not alone and that Spirit has your back!

  • You feel more spacious because you know how to work with cyclical time.

  • You feel your creative fire and know how to tend the flame.

  • You make time each season, each month and each day so you tend the sacred temple that is YOU.

  • You know how to Love Like A Mother and practice sacred self-care for yourself and others. 

  • You plug your power leaks and sit aligned with your values as Reign Like A Queen.

  • You connect to your own heart with self-love and radiate that love out to others as you Shine Like A Goddess.

  • You harvest your wisdom each cycle so that you can embody the wisdom received and Lead Like A Sage. 

  • You know you have the power to co-create the life you desire...a life that is Mythic!

"Before I started this journey I was feeling untethered and lost.  Now I feel like I have come home to myself.  I can trust more and let go.  

I have come into greater connection with my own intuition and I am learning to listen in and work things through my body. I have also felt incredibly supported by Aurora, guided by her intuitive wisdom and held by this tight knit group of like-minded sisters...I loved sharing, connecting and supporting each other on this journey.  


I highly recommend Aurora who has rare intuitive, gentle, authentic and creative gifts.  She has so much passion to see you blossom into the woman you already are!"

-Jemima Beaumont

The Cosmic Creatrix Journey 

During these 6 Months, you will Connect with the Cosmic Cycles,

Ignite Your Intuition,  Embody the Lunar Archetypes &

Bring Your Passion Project to life!

  • Align With The Divine & Ground Your Vision


    • Connect with the Cosmic Cycles


    • Learn to manifest with the moon


    • Identify Gifts & Your Passion Project


    • Create Your Soul Collage & Plan

    Month 1

  • Month 2

    Pursue Your Passion Project As You...


    • Awaken The Mother Archetype


    • Create Space to Receive Yourself


    • Find The Gifts In Your Shadows 


    • RESET with Self-Care


    • Create a Sacred Evening Ritual
  • Pursue Your Passion Project As You...


    • Awaken The Queen Archetype 


    • Identify Power Leaks & Fortify &
    • Find Your Court of Support


    • RECHARGE Your Self-Worth


    • Create Your Royal Morning Ritual

    Month 3

  • Month 4

    Pursue Your Passion Project As You...


    • Awaken The Goddess Archetype


    •  Illuminate Your Soul Gifts & Shine


    • RENEW Your Connection To Your Heart & To Your Relationships


    • Create Your Sensual Alchemy Ritual
  • Pursue Your Passion Project As You...


    • Awaken The Sage Archetype 


    • Harvest Your Wisdom 


    • REFLECT On Your Self-Trust In
    • Your Inner GPS


    • Create Your Harvest Celebration Ritual

    Month 5

  • Month 6

    Claim Your Mythic Power & Purpose In  & Be Witnessed In Sisterhood


    • Complete & Celebrate Your Passion Project


    • Integrate Your New Feminine Rhythm, as you...


    LOVE Like A Mother

    REIGN Like A Queen

    SHINE Like a Goddess

    LEAD Like A Sage, and


    EMBODY  The Cosmic Creatrix Within


"I've been 'working' on myself for decades, perhaps lifetimes. I've come from a long and treacherous journey. When I was ripe, ready to be picked off the tree of my last chapter, no one witnessed me, held me, or heard me like Aurora. I knew instantly that she was different from other mentors.  Aurora, was the one who saw me in my wholeness, who penetrated my spirit and gave me a hand up to see me into my Sovereignty.


Aurora knows when to nudge and when to pause, as this is a special gift. Her relationship with herself and our Great Mystery is to be admired, treasured and learned from. Aurora has treated me with a Goddess' immense love, and a Divine Mother's patience and presence.


I feel different after being mentored by Aurora. I 'wobble' less and trust more! She leaves room for ecstatic growth and deep, deep, deep understanding of myself and towards others ... It is because of these experiences with her, that I am one of Aurora's FOREVER students."

-Luana Joya Lucia


The Cosmic Creatrix Journey

Moonly Flow

Each Module and Group Sessions Are 

Aligned With The Moon Phase

Week One:





New Moon

Ritual & Audio

To Ignite Your Intuition And


Receive Your Intention SEED To Guide Your Forward 


Week Two:





Cosmic Creatrix





Co-working Empower Hour 



Inspired Actions

Week Three:





Goddess Alchemy Temple:

BLOOM as you Release Shadow & Claim Your Power


To BLOOM as you Release Shadow & Claim Your Power in Sisterhood

Week Four:





Cosmic Creatrix

Lazer Completion Coaching And



Creatrix Critique Submission Due


To Bring In The HARVEST!

I was in deep grief, sadness and pain, and felt disconnected from my sovereignty.  This group journey helped me to trust again, to reconnect to my love and power, to my natural flow and to know I was abundantly and lovingly held, no matter what.


Now I feel more empowered because of this group journey, the sisterhood and the deep holding by our guide, Aurora.


I recommend Aurora because she is totally devoted to her path and yours. She is highly intuitive, a keen loving guide who gently asks you to inquire deeper and gives you a nudge when you need this. You can trust her, you are in excellent wise, loving hands.

-Wendy Phillis

​There is a voice deep inside you...



A voice that is calling you forward, that whispers your heart's desire to you



A voice that longs to be heard, received and welcomed into your life so that you can embody your Mythic Essence and create your

Legacy of Love.



This voice that dares you to declare yourself, your gifts, and your mission with the world.




This is the voice of the Cosmic Creatrix Within.



Are you willing to let her in?


Then join us in sisterhood and ceremony.

as we align with the cosmic rhythm of the 

moon cycle, divine feminine archetypes and sacred sisterhood.













During The Cosmic Creatrix Journey, you will...


Identify your unique passion project,


Increase your intuitive abilities and your self-trust


Flow with the rhythms of the moon and the 4 divine feminine archetypes


And create your desires without burn-out, overwhelm, disconnection or doubt.


Rewrite your story

through Intuitive Writing  


Redesign your life

so that Self-Care, Self-Worth, Self-Love and Self-Trust are a PRIORITY


Reconnect to other Feminine Leaders

dedicated to being the change they desire


Rediscover all that is SACRED in you

so that you can

Leave a Legacy of Love


Aurora Anurca Farber

Feminine Leadership Coach, Devotional Artist, Love Catalyst & Modern Day Priestess





Aurora Anurca Farber is a Spiritual Mentor, Alchemical Priestess and a Love Catalyst who helps Awakening Feminine Leaders ignite their "Feminine Fire"---the 3 heart-flames of POWER, LOVE, and WISDOM---so that they can bury away limiting beliefs, align with their feminine moon rhythm and intuitive wisdom, and become catalysts of mythic power, purpose and prosperity in the world.  

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