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Tamika Auwai

CEO at Orisha Creative: Content Marketing

PR Strategist for Transformational

Thought Leaders

"Aurora’s guidance connected me to the archetypal energies I need to be working with daily and at the full and new moons to really let go of the patterns stopping me from expanding into who I want to become.


Highly, highly, highly recommend connecting with Aurora if you are looking for sacred wisdom to shift or work through patterns that are keeping you stuck or if you’re wanting to work with feminine archetypes and Goddess energy to propel you forward!"


Thank you for igniting my Feminine Fire, Aurora. This journey wouldn't be the same without your loving wisdom and bright, sparkly light."

Astara Jane Ashley

Publisher, Flower Of Life Press &

Transformational Coach

Aurora is an amazing coach!  Her gifts include deep listening, creative expression through beauty, music, and art, and an uncanny ability to tap into one's intuitive knowing in a way that supports the discovery and expression of truth!


She is gifted in translating and reading archetypal energies - now, I can fully embody the energies that need my attention for real transformation. 


Aurora has helped me to find a deeper level of self-love and confidence around sharing my gifts with the world. Her energy is authentic, and her humility and willingness to live life fully are contagious!​